I have enjoyed woodworking and construction for most of my life. I have had a Craftsman tube lathe for many years, but only occasionally used it. I upgraded my shop a few years ago; one of the improvements was a new Powermatic 3520b lathe. It quickly became my most often used tool. I still do some flatwork but the vast majority of what I do involves woodturning. I enjoy making all sorts items on the lathe, from pens to hollow forms. I like the variety but particularly like to turn bowls from green wood. The majority of the wood I use is from salvaged trees that were downed by storms. I think the grain of Michigan trees can be amazing and some very nice turnings can be made with it.


Walnut Vase with Ebony & Maple stand

Walnut Vase with stand

Shallow Cherry Bowl Shallow Cherry Bowl

cherry bowl

Spalted  Maple footed bowl     Spalted Maple footed bowl Blackwood candle holders Blackwood Candleholders link to larger image link to larger image